Strategic PR


What others say about your organisation can have more impact on your reputation than what you say about yourself. We can help you to build, promote and protect your reputation and brand image by ensuring you are recognised by target audiences for the quality of services you provide and/or the products you offer.


Articulating strategies and highlighting actions being taken to achieve clear objectives can help build shareholder value. Our investor relations NZX experience includes investor/analyst roadshows, initial public offerings (IPOs) and other capital raisings. We also offer communications support for privatisations and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

How you respond to crises, issues and incidents will be judged by others and have an impact on your reputation. We can help you to communicate in a timely manner with internal and external audiences during a crisis and also work with you to anticipate potential issues and plan for how to manage them. 


Digital channels reach target audiences directly bypassing traditional media. A digital and social media strategy involves targeting influencers including bloggers, online news sites, industry commentators, media personalities and others with a large number of online followers.


Effective content marketing will engage consumers, generate brand awareness and build brand loyalty. We can help you to communicate via digital and traditional media channels to alter perceptions and encourage behavioural change. 


Open and unambiguous internal communications can inspire employees and be the key to running a profitable business. Improvements in employee engagement, cultural alignment and employee advocacy will shine when you focus on connecting to your staff.  We can help you to align internal communications with your organisation's culture and brand values.




We provide a wide range of digital services including copywriting for websites and advertorials, website design, brand development, online experience optimisation and cross-cultural communications. 

Buying attention with advertising remains an integral element in the communications mix and events are a great way to launch a new product or service. Success with these activities requires a mix of planning and creativity. We are keen to learn about your business to understand how we can help you.

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